Monday, January 26, 2009

Cruise photos

I finally got the cruise photos into my computer- The cruise was SOO great THANK YOU MOM AND DAD LAMB!!!!! It was really great relaxing and just doing what we cooking, no cleaning (we even got some free babysitting from grandma and grandpa Lamb- Lexi was too young to participate in the children's program- babysitting included).  I tried to put these pics in order but am tired of messing with it so they are what they are...I"m not downloading them again. 

Lexi on formal night. 

A *Really* great family pic if I could get that glaring sun out of the way... even Caylee looks happy... and her eyes are open. 

  Worn out. 

Cabo as we were departing. 

I took this picture of a Norwegian cruise line ship because Russ said it was "really big...we arn't that big" When you saw the sapphire (our ship) and this ship next to each other in port they pretty much looked the same size... but you never see your own ship from this view. 

The first sunset as we were departing long beach.... beautiful. 

Some cool lighthouse as we were departing Long beach.. Kimberlee wanted to know if they drive a car up to it? I know nothing about it. If you do please inform us.  It was really pretty. 

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Snow Days

She is with her Great Grandma Ahrens in the above photo. 

This post is 2 weeks late, but it's better late than never right? You would think that with the hudge vacation I got last week I would have done it before now ;).   Alexis got to play in the snow in Tehachapi.... she went to the snow in Yosemite last year but I doubt she remembers that. Their wasn't a whole lot of snow, but enough to do some sledding!  Oh yeah... she's wearing fleece pants **I** made her... not perfect but a pretty decent first attempt.  Susan had to fix the crotch a little ;). 

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I will keep this short (Alexis figured out how to pop my keys off and now they are on the fritz).  

Alexis is a lady bug for her 2nd  Halloween! My aunt took some pictures of her last weekend so here are a few.  We wanted to take her to Pioneer village last night but the weather wasn't cooperating.  I think we will let her "trick or treat" down our side of the street tonight.  

She got her first pumpkin this year when Russ took her to the pumpkin patch (I think she thought it was a ball because she threw it alot ...luckily it survived and is going to be cooked this weekend). 


Monday, October 13, 2008

Almost a century....almost

I am so sad that the pink and white sprinkle animal cookies I remember when I was a kid won't be around for Alexis to eat, so here are some pictures of Alexis eating the last of the circus animal cookies. Mothers' Cookies almost made it a hundred years.  She is finally starting to like the scooter that uncle Preston bought for her for Birthday. Now if I could get her to ditch the binky. Some pictures are blurry- I think I need a new camera or need to learn how to work mine better, I used to be able to get great pictures from it lately they all seem blurry. 

Saturday, October 11, 2008


 I was blessed with three beets in my CSA box today.  I will eat any vegetable- except beets.   I know they are *really* good for you, and part of the reason for getting the CSA box every week is to try things we normally wouldn't and to eat more fresh fruits/veggies.  So what should I do with these beets? Any really awesome beet recipes that you can't taste the beets in? Russ says throw them out- I really would like to try to use them in some way.  

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hi All!

So by request I will try to start blogging on this website instead of myspace (even that gets done rarely).  Upcoming exciting things are Halloween and Russell's big 3-0 bday...more on that later since I still haven't quite decided what to do for it yet...I have some ideas and would be open to more.  Here are some pics for practice.